Smokey Cokey Tartar by Ruth Hansom


120g Fillet (I used beef but venison and veal both work well too)

40g Smokey Cokey

20g gherkin

5g parsley

1 shallot

½ carrot

1 egg yolk

10ml rapeseed

Pickle: 50ml white wine vinegar, 50g Sugar, 50ml water, 1 star anise

50g Bread – Whatever you have!

Maldon Salt

5g Watercress or Nasturtium to garnish


Bring to the boil the vinegar, sugar, water and star anise.

Thinly slice the carrot and ½ the shallot and put into the boiling pickle. Allow to cool in the liquid.

If you have whole bread thinly slice, or if you have sliced cut into croutons. Drizzle with rapeseed oil and season with maldon salt before putting in the oven at 180c for 6-7mins until crisp and golden.

Finely dice the fillet, ½ shallot, gherkin and parsley.

Mix with the smokey cokey and season with maldon to taste.

Plate, starting with the tartar; press the mix into a ring and then make a dent in the middle.

Separate the egg and put the yolk into the dent (keep the white for meringues, omelettes or a beetroot cahoot whisky sour!)

Finish with the pickles and bread crisps and finally the watercress or nasturtium.

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