Cucumber Blunder No Rice Sushi by Ruth Hansom


2 x Nori Sushi seaweed sheets.

100g Fresh Tuna Loin (use whatever fish you like, fresh or canned)

200g Mouli/Diakon

50g Cucumber Blunder

¼ cucumber

1 spring onion

Wasabi/Chilli/coriander (optional to garnish)

10g salt


Thinly julienne or grate the mouli. Place into a bowl and salt. Leave to stand for 10 mins

Wash off the salt and squeeze out all of the liquid

Mix with the cucumber blunder and set aside

Cute the fish, spring onion and the cucumber in to long strips

Take the nori sheet and place shinny side down. Wet the bottom half with water slightly

Spread out the mouli mix over the bottom half of the sheet

Place the fish, spring onion and cucumber in the middle

Wet the top half of the nori and roll as tightly as you can without breaking the nori

Allow to set in the fridge for 20 mins

Take a really sharp knife and slice. Garnish as required.

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